January 2013

MACE BMU is glad to announce that it's now taking the access business to the next level by becoming a limited liability company....

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October 2012

We are excited to have been chosen to supply a very sophisticated access solution for 2 very unique parcels....

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The Leading Provider of All Safe Access Solutions

Need To Reach Somewhere?

When architects get creative in a country that strives to lead the pursuit of urban modernization, developers are eager to utilize a blessed economy to materialize these designs. The results are beautiful architectures of various shapes and sizes that serve every sector of this market. No matter what type of building you are involved in and if you have the need to safely reach, clean and maintain it then rest assured that we have a solution for you.

Custom BMU Systems Division

To serve all simple or complex mid-size to high-rise tower buildings, we are able to make available an infinite number of roof trolleys and monorail-based safe access systems.

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Mobile BMU Division

Many structures such as airports, shopping malls, warehouses and many short building are simply not suitable candidates for our custom BMUs. Such configurations often have special needs and requirements that are best met using one of our ground-based safe access solutions.

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